Northeastern Planning Region (NERP) - Nature Resources Potential

The NEPR is situated in the northeastern part of the country. To the north it borders on Romania and to the east is broadly opened to the Black sea. Agriculture benefits from the extremely suitable natural and climatic conditions. The NEPR occupies first place in quantity of arable land in the country which serves as a base for agriculture development. The Black sea littoral is suitable for recreation activities and tourism. There are significant territories occupied by nature parks, reserves, managed reserves and other protected areas. Availability of mineral water is a significant asset for tourism development.

Relief – lowlands and plains in the northern end of the region and plateaus hills and mountainous sections to the south.
Mineral raw materials - manganic ore found near the village of Obrochishte and Tsarkva,near the towns of Shabla and Byala and in vicinity of the village of Ignatievo; salt field near the town of Provadia;caolin deposits found on the territory of municipality of Kaolinovo;black coal field to the north-west of Kavarna;marl-dolomite limestones in the municipalities of Suvorovo and Devnya (used for cement production);building stones in proximity of the town of Shabla;natural gas in the Black Sea shelf just opposite the Galata Cape which is presently exploited by “Petreco”.

Climate - mild continental climate influenced by the Black Sea littoral.

Water resources - fresh water resources - the Danube river, Kamchia river and its effluents Luda kamchia and Golyama kamchia, Provadiyska river, Devnenska river, Batova river and its effluents, Dvoinitsa river etc. Some dams in the region: Tsonevo, Ticha, Eleshnitsa,Yastrebino, Suedinenie, Beli lom, Snezhina; Natural lakes: Varna and Beloslav lakes, Shabla lake, Balchik and Nanevska swamps. And finally the Black sea of course.
Soil characteristics - humus soil in combination with different other types-alluvial, meadow-black earth ,calcic chernozems, leached chernozems, luvic phaeozems, delurium soils, gleysoils etc. Excellent conditions for plant growing.

Land resources – Farm land -13781,158 km?, arable land -11896,141 km?., forests - 4577,914 km?, water territories -244,668 km?, inhabitat territories -1145,420 km?, raw materials exploitation territories - 253,073 km?, protected areas - 33351,5 ha, 3 reserves covering area of 559.1 ha, 2 natural parks with territory of 5249.9 ha, natural landmarks 22 and covering area of 1071.6 ha.