Northeastern Planning Region (NERP) - Environment

Atmospheric Air Characteristics:
Pollution with sulphur and nitric dioxide within the range of the allowed concentrations. Concentrations of hydrogen chloride , chlorine, phenol within the range of allowed values (quantities).
Trends: Increase of harmful emissions in the atmospheric air as a result from city traffic.

Quality of water:
A large portion of pollutants of the Black sea and Danube river is the consequence of trans-boundary pollution .But it is within the range of allowed concentrations. The littoral is polluted with insignificant quantities of phosphates and ammonium nitrogen.
Trends: strict control for prevention of pollution of surface and ground water.

Soil Characteristics:
Pollution of farm land with pesticides is observed but only on a small scale.
Trends: Effective measures should be taken in industry and agriculture to prevent wind-provoked erosion, strict ecological control of extraction of raw materials and placement of waste.

Waste treatment:
The relative share of recycled materials that are to be found in waste varies (fluctuates) from 16% to 28% (in big cities 25-28%).
Share of organic waste that is possible to be composted-40%.Radiation tolerance (values) for NEPR is characterized as normal accordingly to the Ministry of environment and waters.
The activity of Nuclear power station in Kozloduy has not caused any damage to (has not influenced ) the radiological characteristics of the Danube river.