The area, where Varna and the vicinity are located occupies the most northern part of the Mediterranean subtropical region, and the climate here is characterized as continentally-Mediterranean.

The average winter temperatures vary between -2° and 5°С.

Spring comes late, since the sea water warms up slowly, and generally the climate changes to warm only in May, when the temperatures reach 20°С.

Summer is dry and gently warm. It is characterized by breezes, arising as a result of the openness to sea.

The influence of the sea is felt in the autumn as well. It comes later but it is warmer because the sea water takes longer to cool.

The rainfall in the region is of the smallest in the country. The biggest quantities of rain fall in the months of June and November (about 50 l/m2), the driest period is August -September, when the rainfall is not greater than 30 - 32 l/m2 per month.

The favourable climate and geographical conditions have been major factors in establishing Varna and the nearby resort complexes as first-class sea and balneological resorts.