In its greater part the potential of the natural environment in the region of Varna is well-preserved, its negative parameters being much lower than those allowed in Europe and Bulgaria. The only exception in the case is the "hot spot" area around Devnya, characterized by a great concentration of big pollution sources affecting the atmosphere and Varna and Beloslav lakes.

The parameters of the seaside and the resort areas meet all the requirements for tourism and recreation, including those of EU. In 92% of the performed monitoring the inshore waters comply with the values set by EC76/160 Directive and the national requirements. There are also prerequisites for the development of ecotourism and ecoagriculture.

A great number of natural attractions, natural and cultivated preservation parks form a wide network of protected areas striving for the protection biological diversity and natural phenomena. Over 530 hectares of protected areas and preservation parks are under the aegis of Ramsar and international conventions.

Protected nature sites on the territory of Varna Region